David M. Daggett CPA: What You Need to Know About Being a Small Business Consultant

David M Daggett CPA

David M. Daggett is a CPA and small business consultant in California. As an independent consultant, he helps small businesses by offering valuable advice regarding tax planning and pension fund audits among other topics. Small business consultants enjoy the freedom of being their own boss and getting to share their expert knowledge. Here are some things you need to know you are considering becoming a consultant for small businesses.

  1. You don’t need any special certification to become a consultant, however, you should have experience working with successful small businesses. You need to have an understanding of the following:
  • defining small businesses;
  • how to grow a small business;
  • how to attract customers;
  • how to identify problems and propose solutions;
  • business and marketing strategies.
  1. The time it takes to become a successful small business consultant varies. It depends on how quickly you can develop a rapport with small businesses. Many factors will determine how quickly you can attract new clients. This depends on your network, expertise, marketing skills, confidence, and social skills.
  2. There are many more benefits to becoming a small business consultant other than being able to make your own hours and be your own boss. You get to take part in interesting projects, work only with people you like, better balance your work/life obligations and gain special experience to name a few.

There are many advantages to becoming a small business consultant. David M. Daggett, CPA has more than thirty years’ experience as a CPA and is using his extensive knowledge and experience to help small businesses.


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