David M Daggett CPA – Differences Between A Tax Preparer and a Certified Public Accountant

David M Daggett CPA is a Certified Public Accountant. He enjoys helping people with their finances and tax planning. While a CPA can do many of the jobs that a tax preparer can do, a tax preparer cannot do what a CPA does. There are several differences between a tax preparer and a Certified Public Accountant.

Tax preparers and CPAs do not require the same education. A tax preparer needs to have a high school diploma and tax training. Some may be required to take a few classes or courses that teach them to prepare taxes. CPAs require a college degree and many of them also attend graduate school. An accountant must graduate college before he or she can take the certification exam to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Tax preparers are fairly limited in the types of jobs or careers they can have. Most of them work for larger tax companies and simply prepare taxes during tax time. Tax accountants can prepare taxes themselves, be hired by companies and businesses as well as individuals and can work all year long with tax planning.

CPAs usually make much more than tax preparers. This is due to the fact that CPAs have the skills and opportunities to do many different jobs or play different roles in their careers. This makes them more valuable to employers or clients. Tax preparers can move up within a company but are not usually salaried employees. Many tax preparers are only considered seasonal workers.

Tax preparers do not have any special credentials. There is no way to determine what kind of skills or knowledge a tax preparer has before you hire him or her. An accountant must attend college before earning his or her credentials so when you choose an accountant to handle your taxes, you can consider those credentials and have a little more confident in the CPAs abilities.

David M Daggett CPA has always been interested in helping businesses and individuals file their taxes. He enjoys being able to find deductions and other ways to help his clients reduce the amount of taxes they are required to pay. While a tax preparer can do similar work, a CPA has the education and experience to know what works and what doesn’t. There are many ways that a tax preparer and a CPA differ but tax preparers have the potential to do the same work and make the same income as a CPA as long as they are willing to put in a little more time and work towards getting a degree and the right credentials.