David M. Daggett CPA – How to Grow Your Business

David M. Daggett, CPA has worked as a professional accountant for more than 30 years, during which he’s honed his skills and had much success in growing a business. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Mr. David Daggett has had to cultivate a culture of hard work and passion in order to steer the business towards lucrative rewards.

While your business could be based on a good idea, it’s good to know what makes it grow. Because many people are choosing to become entrepreneurs, there is a lot of competition that requires you to have an edge. Here’s how you grow the business.

Be Unique

You can pull away from the competition by being unique. Consider your strengths and how you can differentiate your approach from others. For example, if other businesses are more focused on attractive packaging, you can make yours focus on a better customer experience.

Be an Authority

People tend to work with entrepreneurs who have established themselves as authority figures in the industry. You can become one by publishing articles or whitepapers, or even writing a book. Drum up support for the book through marketing events to get more visibility.

Authority figures get more coverage than individuals who have not worked on establishing credibility.

Get to Networking

You would be surprised how fast your business can grow if you networked with others in the local community. Find out how your business can help the local businesses and organization, whether through partnerships or sponsorships.

David M Daggett CPA is a former CEO of Gator Hawk Armor, Inc., a body armor manufacturing company.